Lions deny everything, yet admit they expect deal with top pick before draft day

Martin “I’m not Millen” Mayhew suggested that the Lions know who they will make the number one pick in Saturday’s NFL draft and went as far as to suggest that they will have a deal with said draft pick before Saturday.

Like many of you, I’m on pins and needles waiting to see which fresh-faced optimist the Lions choose, only to drown his boyish dreams in a sea of micro-management and incompetence. Fortunately, the Wings, Pistons and Tigers are keeping us all busy this week.

Here’s a blurb from on the subject:

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, though, said Tuesday the chances were “very good” an agreement will be reached with a player to be determined before the NFL draft.

“We plan on getting something done prior to making that selection,” he said.

Mayhew declined to say much else during a news conference with just under 100 hours left on the clock before the first pick is made Saturday.

via Detroit Lions expect deal with top pick before draft day – ESPN.